We provide you with high-performance technological equipment and a team of German specialists, for the production of multilayer materials through the process of hot extrusion of plastics (polymers), materials that are applied on various substrates.
The multilayer materials that can be made with this type of machine can have as application support the following:
paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, woven materials.
Extruded polymers (plastics), which are applied on the supports shown above can be: low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), Surlyn.


• Working width: 600-1360 mm;
• Weight of the carrier material (paper, cardboard): 50 - 500 g / sqm;
• Coating thickness (extruded plastic): 12 - 50 g / sqm;
• Maximum roller diameter, 1600 mm


• PE * / paper - cardboard / PE *
• Paper - cardboard / PE *
• Paper - cardboard / PE * / paper - cardboard
• Paper - cardboard / PE * / Alu / PE *
• Alu / PE * / paper - cardboard / PE *
• PE * / Paper - cardboard / PE * / Alu
• Paper / Woven / PE * / parchment paper
* PE foil obtained by extrusion

Flexo printing

Leipa PACK SRL offers flexographic printing services (roll to roll printing), on high quality materials, produced by us or on the customer's material, both for simple works and for complex polychrome works, in maximum 6 colors.

One of our main advantages is the possibility to print works with a low degree of complexity or a high degree of complexity (starting with 100 Kg) in a short time of preparation and execution of orders.

Print widths are between 100 and 850 mm.
Printing is done both with the help of classic nylonflex molds and with continuous printing molds such as sleeves, thus ensuring a high quality print quality.


Leipa Pack has the technical possibility to cut the multilayer materials produced and printed on 4 cutting machines. Three of these machines can cut from roll to roll, and the fourth machine can cut materials from roll to sheet.

Our cutting and rewinding machines are suitable for the following materials:
• PP 12-120 µm;
• PE 25-150 µm;
• PET 12-50 µm;
• PVC 12-120 µm;
• Coated paper up to 100 gr / m;
• Multilayer materials (PET 12 +m + Alu 7 µm + LDPE 60 µm).

Technical data

- Maximum diameter of the mother rollers 1000 mm;
- Max. of finished rollers 610 mm;
- The width of the rollers is 1600 mm;
- Maximum working width 850 mm;
- Minimum cutting width (on request) 25 mm;
- Diameter of the mother roller housing 76 & 152 mm;
- Diameter of the finished roller case 76 mm;
- Axial displacement of the unwinder ± 50 mm;
- Maximum machine speed 500 m / min.
Note: The speed mentioned above depends on the properties of the material as well as the thickness and width of the cut.


Sheet metal cutting machine can cut cardboard or paper with the following characteristics:

  • minimum thickness: 35 gr / sqm;
  • maximum thickness: 500 gr / sqm;
  • maximum width of the rollers: 1,500 mm.