Leipa Barrier

Leipa Barrier has been designed as an excellent barrier against aromatic substances, which contain mineral oil (MOSA / MOAH). It meets all the requirements of food laws.

Leipa Flat

Extremely rigid cardboard for SKIN foil packaging operations
Leipa Flat is a high barrier paper laminate and is ideal for use in the food industry.
The product can be processed on all standard FFS systems, can be printed on both sides in flexographic printing and can be sealed with all top style fused films.
90% of the materials are virgin renewable filters, they do not contain recycled material with granules and have no adhesives or solvents.

Leipa Form

This innovative presentation and modern packaging solution based on eco-friendly paper looks like a natural product.
Direct use in various formats and thicknesses is possible almost immediately without significant changes in the production process.

  • available in peel-off and heat-sealable versions
  • excellent barrier to oxygen, moisture, fats and flavours
  • increased rigidity and very good thermoforming

Leipa Multilayer

The materials of 35-120 g / sqm are intended for use in the food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and construction industries.
BOPP, PET, non-rolled paper and paperboard, surface-printed or laminated, for packaging in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

  • Packaging for sugar, spices, soups, puddings, coffee, juice powder
  • Packaging for sausages, dairy
  • Laminated foil with butter, margarine, ice cream
  • Pet Food bags
  • Packaging for tablets, sachets for powders
  • Packaging for dressings, compresses, surgical gloves, condoms. Shampoo and lotion sachets
  • Soap packaging
  • Multilayer material for waterproofing, thermal insulation, sound insulation, for screeds, floors, roofs

Technological equipment:

  • Simple ennobling and laminating extruder
  • Our flexographic printing house allows the printing of all these materials from one color to 6 colors, including polychromes
  • Roller cutting machines

Leipa Construct

This product is intended for construction companies and construction materials distributors.
The main field of use is for pouring concrete or screeds, as a protective foil at their base, for the construction of streets as a protective foil for the poured material.
It is also used as a protective film when pouring fluids that require protection in contact with the substrate in which they are poured. Its role is to prevent fluid cement from leaking into the ground, so that it remains in the concrete mass, and from the opposite direction does not allow water to infiltrate the poured concrete, so it breaks the capillarity.
The structure of this product is: POLYETHYLENE / KRAFT PAPER / POLYETHYLENE

This structure has resistance to tearing or breakage, and the PE layer gives it total impermeability.
The weight of 100 - 150 g / sqm gives it increased flexibility, thus being recommended as a construction material for protective purposes. The product also has a test report certified by specialized construction institutions.
The format of the product is rolled with a maximum width of 1300 mm and a length of 100 m.
In order to solve your needs, we offer you advice on choosing the right material.