Publication paper - LWC

This product is intended for printers producing magazines, leaflets, brochures or flyers as well as a cost reduction solution for medical or book leaflets.


Weights: 51 g/mp – 65 g/mp

  • gloss
  • semigloss
  • matte

Format: roll


Weights: 60 g/mp – 80 g/mp

  • semigloss
  • silk

Format: roll

Our products have a 100% quality degree, a fact certified by EN ISO 9001: 2000 certificate and also by the fact that our products are obtained FROM 99% RECYCLED RAW MATERIAL.
This is also due to the permanent investment in quality assurance of the means of production.
On the Romanian market we are at your disposal with both assortments.
Delivery time - depending on the order - we will set it together.

Cardboard - Liner

Leipa Georrg Leinfelder comes with over 150 years of experience in the paper and cardboard industry.
Our experience gave us the opportunity to efficiently produce the most used test-liner type cardboards, with a bleached face, of superior quality, which results in five products of the highest quality.
The Bleached Test Liner product is intended for corrugated board manufacturers or cardboard packaging manufacturers, whose final product is cardboard structures or boxes.

We offer the following assortments of

  • TESTLINER ALBIT 100 g / mp - 140 g / mp: Leipa LuxLeipa Lux
  • CRETER TESTLINER 140 g / mp - 200 g / mp: Leipa Classic White

Delivery time is provided depending on the order details.