LEIPA PACK SRL - Packaging in Process
  Production information:

Main applications and industries

    Constructions , Timber and Paper industry – packaging materials for:
    - Hydro and thermo insulations for contructions
    - Timber packaging
    Food - packaging materials for:
    - Sugar and spices sachets and sticks
    - Soups, powders, sweets, cofee, honey, fresh and minced meat
    - Supermarket/fast-food
    - Butter/margarine
    - Ice cream
    Medica -  packaging materials for:
    - Tablets, granulates, wet wipes for cleaning, plaster, sterile plaster, wound covering, promotion products (magazine fixed)
    Cosmetics - packaging materials for:
    - Shampoo, wet wipes alcohol containing, lotions
    - Promotion products sachets (magazine fixed)
    Chemicals packaging materials for:
    - Pesticide, fungicide, other toxic powders and granulates